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Our body talks to us when we overuse it or abuse it or subject it to too much stress! The 'language' of the  body is sore and aching muscles, tension headaches and sleepless nights! Massage can take you back to what your body felt like before stress and everything else going on in your life happened! It is a healthful, therapeutic, relaxing, gift you can give yourself and even someone you love!

Couples massage  One hour, Full body
   $140 per couple
Add infrared sauna treatment for $15 per person

OUR SIGNATURE MASSAGE (60 min) A full body relaxing Swedish massage! $70

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE  (60 min) For the massage veteran, as this service involves intensive massage techniques for deep muscle relaxation. $80

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY (30 min) Put your right foot in, put your left in...You get the idea! Dreamy! $35

JUST THE SPOT MASSAGE (30 min) If you're sore, just show us the 'spot' and we'll help make it better $40

HOUR AND A HALF MASSAGE  (90 min) This massage comes with the following warning:  you may require a 'designated driver' due to  your extreme state of relaxation!! $95

HOT  STONE MASSAGE (75 min) We use a variety of stones to massage and relax the body from head to toe. (The feeling of stones between your toes might pleasantly surprise you!!) You will have a new and "rock solid" appreciation for this massage once you've had it!! $95

We offer massage to clients who are pregnant and but caution that massage may not be appropriate for some during pregnancy or during certain stages of pregnancy and strongly advise that you consult with your doctor prior to having massage services during pregnancy.

All massages are intended for relaxation and enjoyment and never intended as a substitute for medical advice. We encourage all our client's to strictly follow their doctor's advice when using these services. Please be sure to advise your massage therapist of any special accommodations required or areas on the body that may be sensitive or painful and therefore need to be avoided. There may be some clients for whom massage will not be appropriate and we reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion. We use proper draping techniques at all times to insure your privacy and comfort. You need only undress to your degree of comfort but be advised that lotions and oils are used in these services and we cannot perform massage on clients that are fully dressed other than chair massage. If at any time during massage our staff is sexually harassed in any way services will terminate immediately and payment for services in full will be expected. If we may answer any questions for you please, give us a call, we are happy to help!!