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We use only the finest products and time tested methods to deliver visable results on all our exquisite facial services. Only your facial service provider is qualified to determine at the time of service which are the best services and products suited to your particular skin type and needs. Our European products are the top of the line! You won't be disappointed, and your skin will thank you!!

MINI FACIAL (30 min) A really good thorough cleansing, masking, toning and moisturizing that includes a light decollete and shoulder massage $45

PURE BLISS FACIAL (60 min) .This exfoliating facial provides pure relaxation with a unique and delightful facial massage using crystals as well as a soothing and hydrating decollete, shoulder and hand massage that will stimulate circulation and give your skin a beautiful glow! Great for any skin type. Also includes hand paraffin. We don't call it Pure Bliss for nothing!! $65

GENTLEMAN'S FACIAL (50 MIN) Especially for men and their skin care needs $65

DEEP PORE-ACNE  FACIAL(75 min) Whether you have dry skin with acne, signs of aging with occasional acne, oily, or severe acne prone skin, this facial is customized to suit your skin type. It  has all the critical elements of the comprehensive facial and is especially perfect for  problem skin. This facial covers, cleansing and exfoliating dead skin cells with steam, masking, extractions, toning, and more; all the facial essentials in detail plus a lovely decollete and shoulder massage to complete the pampering! Each product our highly skilled staff uses is suited to your specific skin type.  Your skin care specialist can give you tips to take care of your skin at home as well. When done as a series for 5 weeks consecutively you will see a visible difference in your skin! $85
(available in disc. packages)

BACK FACIAL(90 mins) Skin is skin and even the parts we don't see too often need attention to! Great for those for back baring occasions! Beautifully refines and hydrates this often neglected area! $110
*Pumpkin Back Facial also available for more exfoliation and to smooth away roughness $125

PUMPKIN FACIAL (60 min) This one delivers an effective and potent  mix of vitamins and antioxidants into the skin with a superb pumpkin formula that provides an excellent exfoliation as well. Includes light extractions. (This facial is not suited to all skin types, please consult your skin care specialist regarding your skin's suitability) This facial smells as good as it delivers results! $80

EUROPEAN FACIAL (90 min) All the extras included in this amazing facial. Pamper yourself thoroughly; includes the deep pore facial with an extra collagen mask to make your skin silky smooth, an extra hydrating eye treatment for fine lines, and ampoules to make your skin the best it's ever looked!!   $115


We offer micro-dermabrasion treatments and a micro-derm treatment combined with pumpkin,  for those skin types that want a really thorough and comprehensive exfoliation. Both are available in pkgs.



(*The number of Microdermabrasion treatments required to achieve desired results will vary with skin type and should be discussed with your skin care specialist. This service will not be suited to all skin types and only your professional facial service provider can determine your skin's suitability)

Please be advised that not all treatments are suitable for all skin types and that only a qualified professional can advise you as to whether a particular treatment will be right for your skin. We only provide the services we feel will be the most effective and yet the safest for your skin type. All our facial services are available in packages. Please call for pricing on packages!! Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

We do not accept returns on purchased products unless returned unopened in it's original packaging and then we will issue credit towards future purchases. Returns for credit are strictly at our discretion. We will be happy to provide you with sample of our skin care products used in facials should you wish to try them at home before purchasing.